Skype with a Simulink Expert

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Need help with installing and using Simulink software to program your BEST robot this season?

Talk to a Simulink Expert!

You can meet a Simulink expert from MathWorks through Skype (video conference call) to discuss your issues and questions through out this BEST Robotics season. The Simulink expert will be available online for every week for an hour to assist with your questions/issues. So, registerĀ for these sessions today!

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Team SignUp for Practice Day Open

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Pikes Peak BEST Teams can sign up for a 1 hour time slot to be guaranteed field time at Practice Day, Saturday, October 14. Teams are welcome to hop on the field in any empty spots but teams that are signed up for that time slot will get priority.

Teams that are competing in the BEST Award also need to sign up for a 30 minute marketing presentation time slot. Note that the 30 minutes includes setup, Q&A, and cleanup so presentations should be 15-20 minutes long.

Sign up here for Practice Day time slots.
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BEST Robotics, Inc. moving to Pittsburgh

BEST Robotics, Inc., the national parent organization of Pikes Peak BEST, will be relocating from Dallas, Texas to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to take advantage of the booming robotics market in the area. They are also hoping the move promotes the creation of more hubs in Pennsylvania to take advantage of the technology and resources available there.

BizJournal’s Article (July 21, 2017)