Kickoff – September 9, 2017 at 1:30pm
Fountain Valley School
6155 Fountain Valley School Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80911

Teams learn about this year’s competition, receive training in programming, writing an engineering notebook, and how to use the provided hardware to create a robot, and receive all of the required materials needed to build the robots. They also have a chance to walk around the game field, ask questions, and connect with students from other teams.

Practice Day – October 14, 2017
This is an opportunity for teams to bring their robot and test it out on the actual game field. This is particularly helpful for teams who are not able to build a complete game field to practice on. This is also the day that engineering notebooks are due, submitted electronically and marketing presentations are given in order to compete in the BEST award, the highest award in the BEST competition.

Game Day – October 21, 2017
Game Day is the big competition day. Teams participate in seeding matches leading up to semi-finals and finals. They also present their displays, submit t-shirts to be judged, and have a fun time cheering each other on.